Clerk of Court
38th JDC

Welcome to the Cameron Parish Clerk of Court and the 38th Judicial District Court website.
Susan Racca, Clerk of Court for Cameron Parish and Penelope Richard, Judge for the 38th Judicial District Court would like to welcome you to the Cameron Parish Information Website.
Information including court dates, holidays, court costs, and contact information, concerning the 38th Judicial District Court is available by accessing the button to the left of this screen.
Our goal at the Clerk's office is to welcome you, with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere.  We strive to make every contact  with our office a pleasant one for you, the citizens of Cameron Parish.  We will never forget that we work for you. 
The duties and responsibilities of the Clerk of Court are established by the Louisiana Constitution.  Under the Constitution, the Clerk serves as the Recorder of Deeds and Mortgages, Clerk of the District Court, Treasurer for the Court System, and Chief Election Officer and Custodian of Voting Machines for the parish.  The clerk's office is the custodian of all land records, marriage licenses, civil, criminal, and probate records.  The Louisiana Legislature statutorily establishes all fees assessed for recordings.   The operations of the office, including the salaries and benefits of the employees, are entirely funded by the collection of fees from services rendered.  There are no ad-valorem taxes allocated for the office of the Clerk.
                                                                                                      Susan Racca